You may be looking for ways to spruce up your living room before those long winter days keep you stuck indoors. You might be looking at the new carpet, new furniture, or perhaps even some different pictures to change up the look. There is another way to change the look of the room, and you could be helping your fireplace run more efficiently at the same time. The way to do that is by adding a fireplace door or screen to your fireplace. At The Stove Store, we have fireplace doors, fireplace screens, and any other accessory that you may be looking for to make sure that you’re fireplace screengetting the optimum amount of use from your fireplace every time you use it.

Purpose of a Fireplace Door

One thing you might be wondering is how a fireplace door might make your fireplace more efficient. Fireplace doors that fit properly will help keep warm air in while keeping outdoor air out. This is especially important during the cold, winter months when the temperature outside could make your indoor temperatures uncomfortable. By adding a fireplace door that fits securely and tightly, you’ll be pleased by the savings on your energy bill.

Fireplace doors can also make your fire-burning safer. Fireplace doors can keep embers and sparks from popping out of your fireplace, and that can keep the surrounding carpeting and furnishings from catching on fire. It’ll also keep you from accidentally stepping on a hot spark that has popped out of your fireplace. That’s definitely a positive! Fireplace doors can also help to keep your animals safe from sparks that might catch in their fur and burn them and might also keep your pets out of the ashes.

If you’re not crazy about the idea of installing a fireplace door, you may think about installing a firescreen instead. Firescreens perform the same functions as fireplace doors, and they come in many decorative styles as well.
You can choose from styles that are traditional or modern, simply styled or more intricate. Whatever style you’re looking for, at The Stove Store, our knowledgeable staff can help you find it.

Find the Right Company for all your Fireplace Needs

If you’ve been looking for a new heating appliance, grill or smoker, or any and every kind of fireplace accessory, the right store to call is The Stove Store. Our highly trained, motivated staff can help you find anything you need to make sure that you have a safe and healthy fire-burning season. We take pride in carrying all types of tools and accessories so that you can find just the right thing to match your decor and keep your fireplace clean and safe. Give us a call now, before it’s time to actually use your fireplace again. We have what it takes to make your home safer and more beautiful, all in one store!