If you have a fireplace, you know that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of cuddling up in front of a crackling fire, all cozy and warm, watching the flames dance and pop. It’s a relaxing way to spend an evening, maybe enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with a loved one or playing games around the fire. After a hard day’s work, just warming your toes while you stretch out and watch television can be the perfect way to unwind. However you relax, if you own a gas flamefireplace or a heating appliance, you know that feeling! But if you’re burning with wood, you know that there’s a lot more involved. Heating with wood is an inexpensive way to go, but only if you are ready to put in the work of finding a place where trees are available to cut, then chopping the wood, splitting it, hauling it home, and letting it cure for at least six months. After that, there’s bringing it in the house, stacking it, getting a fire burning, and then getting up from time to time to replenish the wood. That’s a lot of work, and we haven’t even started talking about clean up! This can be right up your alley, but for some people, when they get home all they want to do is relax. There is an easier way to enjoy all the benefits of a warm, glowing fire without dealing with the work that goes into it, and that is to burn with gas. If you’ve been looking for all the enjoyment of a crackling fire with none of the work that goes into it, then it’s time to visit The Stove Store in Elkton, Maryland! If you live in Elkton or any of the surrounding communities, you have probably already heard of our great service and selection, so if you’re looking for a new stove, come on in and see what all the talk is about.

Convenience is Key

If you’re worried that gas fires aren’t realistic enough, think again. The earlier gas models offered a weak, flickery blue flame, but those days are long gone! Today’s gas fireplaces burn with realistic-looking gas log sets, and you can get those log sets in a variety of wood looks and layouts. If you are burning with gas logs in your fireplace or stove, you and your guests will have to look twice to know whether it’s real wood or a gas log set, and even after that second look, it’ll be hard to tell. Even better, though, is that you can get that realistic look at the flick of a switch or a touch of a button. Once the gas line is laid and your appliance is hooked up, a flip of a switch on the wall is all it takes to get the fire burning. Today’s gas-burning appliances can be hooked up to a remote control, and that means that you can get your fire burning without ever leaving the couch. And once you’re ready to turn in for the evening, just hit the button again and you can hit the hay. No more worrying about letting the coals burn out or cool down before you go on up to bed. There’s just no beating the convenience of a gas-burning appliance!

Friendly on the Environment

If you are worried about the environment, then gas is definitely the way to go. When you compare burning with gas to wood or pellet stoves, it’s been found that gas-burning appliances are much better for the environment than those other heating types. These days, as we hear more and more about the dangerous effects that human interaction with the environment can cause, It’s important that everyone is especially careful to take care of our great outdoors, and one way that we can contribute to the soundness of the environment is to burn with gas.

Call The Stove Store

If you’ve decided that it’s time to switch over to gas, then the place to go if you live in Wilmington, Elkton, Paoli, or anywhere else in this region is The Stove Store. With over thirty years of experience in the stove, insert, and fireplace industry, we can help you pick just the right appliance to fit what you’ve been looking for. Not only that, but we can also help you get set up with installation, maintenance, and repair services as well! And if you’ve been having problems with your unit, give us a call and let us help you troubleshoot to see what the problem is and how we can help you get it fixed right.

With the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to think about getting a new gas-burning appliance. We want to make sure that each one of our customers is satisfied with the heating appliance they’ve chosen. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that this happens! Make sure to give us a call and let us help you out with whatever your heating needs may be.