Keep The Fire Going With Quality Pellet, Charcoal & Wood Bricks

Here at The Stove Store, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything you need to enjoy your fireplace, stove, grill, or smoker. Of course, without fuel, there’s no fire, but we’ve got you covered. We carry all of these:

  • Food Grade Pellets For Grilling — When you’re perfecting your grill game, you want to be sure that the pellets you’re using meet the highest food grade standards. We’ve got just what you need right here.
  • American Wood Fibers Pellets  —These pellets are PFI Graded Premium Fuel, and comply with EPA regulations for a longer, hotter burn, with less ash and emissions.
  • Hamer Pellets — Hamer is the “oldest residential pellet manufacturer in the Eastern United States,” and is synonymous with quality and consistency. These pellets are made of clean, compressed sawdust, and known for producing little ash and lots of heat.
  • Kiln-Dried Wood Bricks —Kiln-dried wood bricks are bricks made of compressed wood chips and sawdust. These can be used either on their own, or in addition to cord wood, so you get more heat and a cleaner burn from your fire. Better for the environment, better for your back, and better for your wallet.
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  • Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal & Wood Seasoning Chips — Lump charcoal is a natural fuel source that is easy to light, burns hot, produces little ash, and imparts great flavor. It’s additive-free and available in bags of all sizes, so no matter how much or how little charcoal you need, we’ve got you covered. We also have wood seasoning chips to help you get that flavor you’re after!

Get the fuel you need to keep the fire burning — stop by our showroom on East Pulaski Highway for all your pellet, charcoal, and wood brick needs. Have questions about any of the fuels we carry? Just ask our knowledgeable and helpful staff!


Whatever type of heating appliance you have, we’re likely to have the venting pipe and chimney you need. Find out what else we have in our fireplace tools and accessories area of the store.

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