Re-Seal Your Stove Door For Increased Efficiency With A New Gasket

Have you noticed air leaks around your stove door? It may be time to re-gasket it. The gasket is simply the braided fiberglass rope that seals the stove door and prevents efficiency-effecting air leaks. A simple test you can do to see if your gasket is leaking is to close the stove door on a piece of paper. If the piece of paper slides out when you pull on it from outside the stove door, your have a leaky gasket. If the paper tears, the gasket should be sealing sufficiently.

How do you know what size gasket you need? The best way to know is to check the owner’s manual that came with your stove. That should let you know exactly what you need.

When changing out the gasket, you’ll need to remove the existing gasketing, scrape out any old cement, clean the area with water and a wire brush, dry fit the gasket, and then use gasketing cement to seal the new gasketing into place. Once the new gasket is in place, you’ll want to close the stove door and allow the cement and gasketing to set into place for a few hours. Of course, we’d be happy to change out the gasket for you!

Tube of Rutland Black Gasket Cement
New Air-tight Wood Stove Replacement Gasket in Package

Is it time to replace your stove door gasket? Stop by our showroom on East Pulaski Highway. We sell gasketing in a variety of lengths and sizes, as well as durable and strong gasketing cement. We have everything you need right here, and our team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals can answer any questions you may have. Stop in today!


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