Even though it’s March, that doesn’t mean that winter is over! The old saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” may not always be accurate, but if it is, then we might be looking at some cold weather at the end of the month! No matter whether it’s cool or very cold, it’s always nice to add a little extra heat source of some kind. If you love the look of a wood-burning fire but don’t want the expense and work of adding a fireplace, a great alternative is to add a wood stove. A wood stove adds a cozy, appealing ambiance to any room, and today there are all sorts of styles, from traditional looking to rustic to a more modern look. No matter what type of look you’re going for, you can be sure to find it at The Stove Store.

All About Using Wood Stoves - Elkton MD - The Stove StoreBenefits of a Wood Burning Stove

One of the biggest benefits of installing a wood-burning stove is that it uses a cheap, environmentally-friendly fuel source. If you love being outside, you love to get some exercise, and you love the satisfaction of taking care of a job yourself, then a wood stove is just what you’re looking for. Most people know someone who needs a tree removed, or maybe you live on an acreage and have a lot of trees in your backyard.. All it takes is some chopping, splitting, and stacking and before you know it you’ll have a woodpile that even Paul Bunyan would be proud of. Just remember to start this process in the spring so your wood has plenty of time to cure so that it will provide a good, smoke-free burn all winter long.

Another great benefit of using a wood stove is that you will definitely notice a difference in your heating bill. Although a wood stove won’t heat a large home, it can certainly add a great supplemental heat source. Just turn down the thermostat and keep the main living area warm by firing up the woodstove, and it won’t be long before you start to see a difference in the electric bill each month. Not only that but if the electricity goes off in the middle of a winter storm, you’ll still have a heating source! A wood stove is especially nice on those early spring days when it’s warm enough that you want to avoid using the furnace but still just cool enough that a nice fire will take the chill out of the air.

Good for the Environment

Using wood is better for the environment than using other types of fuel, such as natural gas, propane, or coal. It is considered to be a carbon-neutral fuel source, so when it burns, it’s not adding a lot more carbon dioxide to the air. As you remember from your high school science class, trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so any carbon dioxide that’s released is actually just maintaining a balance.

Flexibility in Placement

A wood-burning stove is a great option as well because it is so easy to place in your home. Unlike a fireplace, which requires a lot of wall space, a wood-burning stove can be placed almost anywhere in your home, as long as it’s placed next to a wall where it can be vented outdoors. Whether you’re looking to take up some wall space or want to tuck it away in a corner, you’ll be able to find a great stove to fit right in.

Traditional or Modern: We’ve Got it All

No matter what style home you have, when you come to The Stove Store you’ll be able to find the perfect stove for your needs. If you love the look of an old country farmhouse or a log cabin by a lake, you’ll find that we carry the best-cast iron, soapstone, and steel wood stoves from nationally recognized brands like Regency, Vermont Castings, Timberwolf, Napolean, and more. These stoves offer an old-school look with as many or as few conveniences as you’re looking for. If you love the look of a sleek, modern apartment with lots of light, steel, and open rooms, then stop in and let us show you the contemporary styles from those same top-selling brands.

No matter what style of stove you’re looking to purchase, one decision you need to make is an easy one, and that’s where to go to purchase your new wood stove. Just stop on by The Stove Store and let us show you all the stoves we carry to suit your wants and needs. Our staff has thirty plus years of experience and knowledge on wood stoves and all the installation requirements, so you know you can trust us to help you choose just the right stove and install it so that your family is safe and warm.