When you think of cuddling up in front of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night, most often a person thinks about a wood-burning fireplace or stove. That’s definitely one route to go! But did you know that there are other options available as well? There are gas-burning options, and if you don’t have a fireplace but still want that cozy feeling, there are gas, wood, and pellet-burning stoves as well. Each of these options has definite benefits, but the one thing they all offer is the ambiance and toasty, comfortable feeling you get from being cozied in, warming your toes while watching the snowflakes drift down in front of your window. If you’re looking to add a fireplace or convert a fireplace, or even add a heating appliance, head over to The Stove Store and let us set you up with the perfect appliance for your home.

Wood Burning Fireplaces and Appliances

fireplaceOf course, the first thing people think of when they think of fire is logs. When you have a wood-burning appliance, it means you’ll be putting some effort into it. You need to get out in the great outdoors and find some trees to cut down! You’ll want to think about this in the spring so that you can get those logs cut up and get them good and dry before you want to burn them. This includes cutting down the trees, chopping them up, then storing them in a place where they can get plenty of air so that they can dry out and burn efficiently. This is an inexpensive option when it comes to fuel, especially if you or a friend have trees that need to be chopped down. If you have an existing fireplace and would like to make it more efficient, you can add a wood-burning insert. These inserts are also more environmentally friendly than their out-dated counterparts. If you love the process of laying your own fire and keeping it burning all evening long, then wood-burning is the route to go!

Gas Burning

If you love the look of a natural fire but don’t want the work of a wood-burning stove, then gas is a great option! If you think of gas burning and in your head see a pale, weak blue flame, then you need to think again! Those are the gas fires of years past, not the modern gas burners that are on the market today! Today’s gas fires look and feel just like a natural wood fire, but one thing is missing, and that’s the work! With a gas-burning fireplace, all you need to do is flip a switch or push a button on the remote control and you have instant flames that look and burn naturally. You can also update your existing fireplace by adding gas burning log sets. A great thing about the gas log sets is that you have many options available. Pick your wood type and pick how you want the logs to lay, and you’re guaranteed to love the look of your new fireplace. Or add a new gas insert. This is basically a new gas stove that’s placed right inside your existing fireplace.

There are many advantages to a gas insert, including a more energy-efficient burn that’s draft-free, a better heating zone, heating that continues even if the electricity goes out, and a real-looking flame with a heat-radiating ceramic glass. If this sounds like the total package, you’re right! It is!

Pellet-Burning Stoves

Another awesome option when it comes to stoves is a pellet burner. This is a relatively new option, but it has so many benefits! Not the least of these benefits is the fact that it burns pellets that can be made of several different organic materials, but often burn compressed wood chips or even sawdust. This means that they are environmentally friendly. At The Stove Store, we sell pellet burning stoves, but we also sell pellet-burning inserts that can fit into your existing fireplace. This type of heating appliance combines the look and authenticity of a wood-burning appliance with the convenience of a gas appliance. With a pellet burner, you just buy the pellets at your local hardware or home improvement store, then store the pellets in a hopper. When you’re ready to burn, you flip a switch and the pellets are augered into the appliance and you have a fire going!

Let The Stove Store Give You What You Want

If you know that you want something different than your existing fireplace, then The Stove Store is the place you want to get to. Our experienced staff can help you find the appliance that will suit your needs, whether you’re looking for ease of operation, environmental friendliness, efficiency, or all three. We are also knowledgeable about the appliances we sell, so if you tell us what you’re looking for, we can help you find exactly the right fit for your home. Make sure that you aren’t stuck with settling for something when you could come see our friendly staff and get everything you’re looking for! Stay warm and cozy all holiday season with a warm, cozy fireplace from The Stove Store.