Make A Statement With The Heat, Comfort & Charm Of A Traditional Or Modern Gas Stove

In decades past, it seems every home had a stove — a charming, comforting, and warming little addition to the family’s most beloved rooms. Today, stoves make a pleasantly surprising and conversation-starting addition to just about any space — big or small.

Are you considering adding some warmth, charm, and comfort to your home? With the efficiency and effortless enjoyment that direct-vent and vent-free gas stoves provide, you and your guests are bound to fall in love with the space your stove enhances.

Modern Gas Stove with sleek slim design set in a modern living room
Traditional style black Gas Stove
Vintage Style Gas Stove set in the corner of a living room

Direct-Vent VS Vent-Free

You may be wondering whether you should choose a direct-vent gas stove or a vent-free stove. Here’s a little bit about each to help with your decision.

  • Direct-Vent — A direct-vent gas stove is a stove that has one pipe for pulling outside air in for combustion and one pipe for sending exhaust and byproducts back outside. A direct-vent gas stove can be directly vented through a wall or ceiling, so you don’t have to have a working chimney. This makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy a direct-vent gas stove in just about any living space. What’s not to love?
  • Vent-Free —A vent-free gas stove is a stove that doesn’t need a chimney or stove pipe for venting at all. Instead, you simply attach it to the gas line, set it where you want it in your space, and fire the stove right up. This makes vent-free gas stoves a great option for those with limited space. How do they get away without a vent? These stoves are designed to burn so efficiently (they’re 99.9% efficient!), that there’s not much to vent.

You’ll Find The Best Gas Stoves Right Here At The Stove Store

Here at The Stove Store, we carry a wide selection of the industry’s best direct-vent and vent-free gas stoves, from brands like Regency, Hampton, Vermont Castings, Hearthstone, Napoleon, and Monessen.

These gas stoves are available in a variety of sizes and styles, both traditional and modern, so no matter the size of your space or your home’s design aesthetic, there’s no reason you can’t have a gas stove that fits perfectly.

Choose from:

  • traditional looking stoves in durable cast iron
  • clean, wide-view stoves that look great in more modern spaces
  • tall, slender stoves that draw the eye with their porcelain enamel finish
  • full-view, triple-panel options so you get the most from your fireside experience
  • a variety of finishes and colors

What do you get when you opt for a modern or traditional gas stove?

  • the convenience, efficiency, and clean burn of propane or natural gas paired with the charm and appeal of a wood stove
  • easy, effortless fire that heats your space with just the touch of a button
  • beautiful, remote-controllable flames
  • ceramic glass, which radiates heat back into the home
  • built-in blowers for more even, consistent heat throughout your living space

What’s even better? All of the gas stoves we carry here at The Stove Store are EPA-approved, so you can enjoy every fire, guilt-free, no matter how many times you fire up your new stove each day.

Your Gas Stove Is Waiting

Ready to start shopping? You’ll love our traditional and modern gas stoves. Stop by our showroom on E Pulaski Highway to see them up close and personal — our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Call or stop in and see us today!


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