A fireplace insert can transform your home, along with your hearth. With a new fireplace insert, your fireplace can become more convenient, more efficient and more enjoyable, and it can make yourwood fireplace insert home more comfortable and more attractive. If you are considering upgrading your home with a fireplace insert, don’t wait! Stop by The Stove Store: We have the largest selection of fireplace inserts in Elkton, MD. Here is what you need to know about upgrading your home and your hearth with a new fireplace insert.

Benefits of a fireplace insert

A fireplace insert can transform your fireplace from an inefficient, unused appliance to an asset that makes your home more enjoyable. Fireplace inserts are farm more efficient than traditional, open-hearth fireplaces, and new fireplace inserts far outpace older models for their efficiency. In fact, a fireplace insert can increase your fireplace’s efficiency by as much as 70 percent! That means a fireplace insert can be used to provide heat to a central portion of your home so you can lower your home heating bills.

A fireplace insert also can make your hearth more convenient and more usable. If your fireplace sits unused because it’s too much work, a fireplace insert can allow you to switch to a fireplace fuel type that is more suited to your lifestyle. On top of that, a fireplace insert can upgrade the look of your home! If your fireplace is outdated and unattractive, you can instantly transform the look of your hearth to update your home and match your hearth your style.

Choosing a fireplace insert for your hearth

When you decide to opt for a fireplace insert, you will find that there are many fireplace insert options available. You can choose from gas, pellet or wood-burning inserts to create an insert that fits your lifestyle. You also will be able to choose a fireplace insert that fits with your home’s style. There are rustic, modern, traditional and minimalistic fireplace inserts available. You’ll also find options for your fireplace insert so you can customize your fireplace insert to suit your home and your needs.

If you considering upgrading your home and hearth with a fireplace insert — or if you have decided you are ready to upgrade your home — stop by The Stove Store! Not only will you find the area’s largest selection of fireplace inserts at The Stove Store, you will find fireplace experts who can answer all of your questions about fireplace inserts and help you choose the insert that is perfect for your home. Once you have chose your insert, The Stove Store’s counterparts at Ace Chimney Sweeps can install your new fireplace insert that right way. Visit The Stove Store showroom today!