When it comes to amenities, fireplaces are among homeowners’ favorites. If you love a fireplace, but you don’t love the work that comes with splitting, stacking and storing firewood, and building and tending a fire, you have options! A gas fireplace heating stove or fireplace insert can help you enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace without the work and inconvenience of a traditional fireplace. On top of that, you can also heat your home more cheaply and efficiently with a gas hearth appliance. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you install a gas fireplace, heating stove or insert. At The Stove Stove, we have all of these options, and we would love to install one in your home!


modern fireplaceThe No. 1 reason gas fireplaces, heating stoves, and fireplace inserts have become so popular is convenience. When you install a gas fireplace, heating stove or insert, all you have to do to enjoy a roaring fire is with a push of button flip or a switch to turn your appliance on. You don’t have to build a fire, tend a fire, or clear away ashes after you are done with the fire.


When it comes to getting the most heat for the least amount of money, you just can’t compete with gas hearth appliances. Gas fireplaces, heating stoves, and fireplace inserts are far more efficient than wood-burning or pellet-burning hearth appliances. Depending on the model of a gas fireplace you choose, you can have a system with an efficiency rating of up to 99 percent.

Controlled heat output

Gas heating appliances make it incredibly easy to control the temperature in your home. With a gas fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert, you can adjust the flame in your fireplace to match the desired temperature. You can even have the gas hearth appliance wired to a thermostat so the fireplace flame will automatically adjust your ideal room temperature.


Gas fireplaces and heating stoves don’t require the extensive infrastructure and chimney systems that wood-burning and pellet-burning appliances require. For that reason, a gas hearth appliance can be installed in nearly any room of your home. However, you can install direct-vent gas fireplaces anywhere in your home that a vent can be run through an exterior wall or ceiling. Vent-free fireplaces require no chimneys, and you can virtually install one in any room.

Low maintenance

Gas heating appliances require very little maintenance. They also don’t create as much soot, creosote, and ash as wood-burning and pellet-burning fireplaces. Therefore, they don’t require regular cleaning and inspection that other types of fireplaces do. Gas appliances merely require annual cleaning and inspection to remove dust or debris from the firebox. This is also to ensure that all working components are still operating properly to keep your fireplace running efficiently.

Most homeowners dream of beautiful fireplaces warming their homes on those chilly winter nights. If you want to upgrade your home with a fireplace, choose a gas fireplace, heating stove or insert for easier operation, higher efficiency, versatility, and lower maintenance. The Stove Store can help you find the gas hearth appliance that’s perfect for your home. Stop by our showroom to see gas fireplace models and talk to our fireplace experts today!